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Working with Us, you dont need to worry about the resource overhead. We do all of the heavy lifting for you. With all latest technologies and highly experienced Team, offering full-fledged services from design, development to marketing under one roof. We catter our services into WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT, MOBILE APPLICATION, CREATIVE DESIGN, ONLINE MARKETING and TESTING. Our Professional Services team take care of everything from system build, to data migration, to document template creation and more.

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Our Process

The tasks are split into four Phases to enhance client experience

We spread our implementation costs over the term of the contract, such that we can Grow Together which our clients deserve - today.

First Phase

Information gathering

Every engagement begins with a Discovery & Scoping review. Simply this is a structured review of what you have in place today, a detailed information-gathering discussion on what needs to be achieved with the project.

Second Phase

Structure & Design

From the information we have gathered, we immediately start building the structure. Our objective is to show quickly what can be achieved and to provide you with a working model that you can review to ensure it meets your needs.

Third Phase

Build & Testing

With a working model we build & test to ensure that it meets the objectives of the project. This first phase of testing is to ensure functional requirements and user experience are optimal prior to put in the hands of our clients to test.

Fourth Phase


If it meets the needs of all stakeholders in the project, we will move from a test environment to a ‘Live’ environment. Our project team will be there at each step to ensure technical support for smooth roll-out.

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  • Our rapid deployment methodology gets you up and running in weeks not months
  • Extensive Integration experience to ensure we 'play nicely' with your existing apps!
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